About Skytech Innovation Pty Ltd (ACN: 609 620 724)

Skytech Innovation, formed on 2013 in the beautiful city of Sydney is an Australian import/wholesale company that explores the frontier of latest premium electronic products. The company is currently located at Western Sydney, Australia.


Major Views
  • We only do business which benefits the Australian consumers, retailers and the manufacturers.
  • We always offer the most competitive pricing on premium products without compromising on quality.
  • We don’t believe in luck we make our own by being diligent, consistent and reliable.
  • We like to work with our clients, think for our clients and establish a long lasting relationship.
  • We offer the complete solution from sourcing to servicing.

Company Goals

Our Aims

We are a small but passionate team with big ambitions. The team includes members with engineering background whom have Expertise in gadgetry. Our passion of premium tech drives us forward.
We believe in innovation and technology.
One of our ambitions is to always bring innovative, useful and value added products to Australia even available to the outback.

We welcome more retailers/manufacturers looking for healthy,
long term business relationships.